Tuesday, 23 August 2011

And so it began.......

So.... here it is. My first blog post. Dont get too excited. I was sitting in the car wondering how - once again someone managed to push me so far that I felt like crying. I wanted so badly to post something smart on facebook to show everyone how fustrated I was but what would be the point. Everyone at work has access because stupid me added everyone. I cant be bothered having to deflect who the message is actually about while still making it obvious. You have to wonder why work actually lets you have access.... paranoia says so they can make sure you dont call the bitch in the office an actual bitch. Shame you actually tell the truth for once. I have twitter....but thats not helping. So a blog I start....maybe this will quell the stabbing feeling people seem to incite in me. Maybe.

So here it will be. My little anon home. Banker Gurl. Now let the rants begin.

Observations in the office

1. Just because you buy a $90 black plain top doesn't make you better than me. It just means you got ripped off.

2. You may think I'm stupid. That's okay because I know your a bitch.

3. Dying your eyebrows darker than your natural hair colour does not make you look younger.

4. Your shit does stink. It's still shit no matter how much you dress it up.